Lisa Ronkowski

Yorkshire born London based Actor Lisa Ronkowski has trained with ActUpNorth and at LAMDA. Recent theatre work includes a lead role in It Kind of Looks Like a Doughnut by working class writer Holly Boyden at The Rosemary Branch Theatre as part of the Shrill Voices female writers programme.

Eyes              Blue

Hair               Blonde (Dark)

Height           5ft 5ins


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  • Lisa Ronkowski Welcome to Cate Northern

    March 1st was a new day in the life of the agency. North West Actors has changed it’s name to Cate Northern and launched the auspicious moment with a new website and a verve for the future.
  • The Nocnitsa

    Lisa Ronkowski appearing as the lead in short horror film 'The Nocnitsa' by Andy Taylor, distributed worldwide at film festivals this year. Awarded 2nd place at the 2019 Horror Shorts Film Festival.